Host library for controlling a WiConnect enabled Wi-Fi module.

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TLS Methods

TLS Methods

TLS methods. More...


WiconnectResult tlsConnect (WiconnectSocket &socket, const char *host, uint16_t remortPort, const char *certFilename=NULL GPIO_IRQ_ARG_NC)
 Connect to remote TLS server.

Detailed Description

TLS methods.

Function Documentation

WiconnectResult tlsConnect ( WiconnectSocket socket,
const char *  host,
uint16_t  remortPort,
const char *  certFilename = NULL GPIO_IRQ_ARG_NC 
) [inherited]

Connect to remote TLS server.

[out]socketTLS WiconnectSocket object of opened connection.
[in]hostThe host/IP address of the remote TLS server
[in]remortPortThe port of the remote server
[in]certFilenameOptional, filename of certificate on module's file system
[in]irqPinOptional, Data available external interrupt pin. See registerSocketIrqHandler() for more info
Result of method. See WiconnectResult