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CAN1/CAN2 register tweaking


I have a problem. On my application I use a combined CAN bus. Combined because I use normal wired CAN with TJA1040 CAN transcievers, in parallel I have optically isolated device (using optical fibres for CAN RX and TX). RX works fine, I can listen to the bus, but sending data fails for most times. Sometimes I am able to succesfully send data, but this are just lucky occasions. I'm not an CAN expert, I'm learning by doing mistakes. I got this information, that I need to change the delays like I would use a very long wire bus. So I think, that I should change the TESG1 and TESG2 values in the CAN1BTR/CAN2BTR register,but I don't know where the CAN ini routine is. Any help will be very appreciated.



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Some related questions at topic 526.

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Hi, thank you for the link. Nevertheless I figured it out what was wrong in my design. Some extra buffers on CanRx/Tx lines did the trick ;) Now it works. But some extra reading would be very helpfull, for further projects.

posted by Gorazd Rosbach 07 Oct 2013