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failed getting started (on Mac)

First, I plugged in the USB cable to the OpenSDA port and it showed up in finder as a removable disk named 'FRDM-KL25Z'. I didnt read well enough because I just put the mbed_if_v2.0_frdm_kl25z.s19 file in that disk. reconnected it again. nothing happened, only that mbed_if_v2.0_frdm_kl25z.s19 file was not on the disk no more, the name was still 'FRDM-KL25Z' .

And then I read you have to hold down the reset button if you plug the cable in the OpenSDA port. so I did. now nothing is appearing, no removable disk. only the green LED is flashing with constant timing, at 1 hz guess. and even when I reconnect to the OpenSDA it keeps not mounting the disk and green LED flashes at 1 hz.

In the disk utility application, I see the disk, without partitions, it is named 'FSL FSL/PEMICRO MSD Media', in the info panel, it sais it is not formatted. I also did the 'diskutil list' command in the terminal and there it is listed /dev/disk2 name BOOTLOADER type none. How can I get started now?


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8 years, 1 month ago.

OK sorry, didnt read well again.

"Firmware update on Linux or Mac

If you are using Linux or Mac, according to the version of the bootloader of your board, the BOOTLOADER might not appear. If you experience this problem, you have no choice but to use a Windows machine to update the firmware."

this is a bit strange tho, it shouldn't be too hard to make this compatible with linux/unix.

but still didn't solve it... Now I plug the usb into OpenSDA (without keeping the reset pressed) the green light flashes at 1 hz and after 15 minutes or so a removable disk does appear with the name 'BOOTLOADER' but when I drop the file 'mbed_if_v2.0_frdm_kl25z.s19' in this disk and then disconnect the USB and reconnect it again, nothing happens and after 15 minutes or so it reappears as 'BOOTLOADER' disk

posted by Joost Markerink 02 May 2013

Are you holding down the reset button the second time you plug it in? If so then it is behaving as expected. If you're not holding it down you should get a disk with a label MBED or FRDM-KL25Z depending on whether the firmware changed.

posted by Stephen Paulger 02 May 2013

I did both, connecting it while holding down the reset and connecting without holding down the reset, both times, the 'BOOTLOADER' disk appears after 15 minutes or so. and both time the green LED flashes at 1hz. It doesnt name itself 'MBED' and no MBED.HTM is inside it.

posted by Joost Markerink 02 May 2013

I couldn't get the interface firmware to install from my OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) machine either. I ended up using a Windows 7 VM to get the interface firmware successfully updated. The device does show up as BOOTLOADER on my MacBook after pressing the button but it just doesn't appear to want to take the mbed firmware.

posted by Adam Green 13 Aug 2013