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Where can I find a list of syntax for mbed? Thanks in advance. Dan

Hi all.

I'm new to mbed so I don't know the syntax. Please point in the right direction with a link to a website with a list of syntax for mbed.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Dan,

Mbed supports C and C++, by default we use GNU11 and GNU++14 standard.

The APIs are listed here.


You can also find basic examples under those topics.

Regards, Desmond

Hi Desmond,

Thank you for responding.

I made a mistake when I asked about syntax. What I need to know is about predefined identifiers. I've tried getline() in one of the sample programs but I get an error that the command is not recognized. BTW, I tried including iostream but that was not recognized either. So my question now is: does mbed use a smaller set of keywords and predefined identifiers? If so, is there a list of them somewhere?



posted by Dan Bennett 13 Nov 2019

Hi Dan,

I tried build blinky example project for K64F with online compiler.


Adding #include <iostream> and getline(cin, str);. It build successfully.

What is your build environment?

posted by Desmond Chen 14 Nov 2019