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Mbed Studio change active program ??

Hi Mbed team,

I have a issue with Mbed Studio.

As first I try import some basic example (blink LED) and every thing was OK.

But after I import my projects, and I couldn't change active program for BUILD. there was still Blinky example.


So I tried to delete Blinky example, to force Mbed Studio to change active program, but now, I cant choose any o the imported ones.

Can you please help me to fix it ?

Thank you

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3 months, 3 weeks ago.

Hi there,

your projects are probably based on the old Mbed OS2 which is not suported by the Mbed Studio and that can be a reason why your programs can not be correctly recognized and set to active.

Wrongly created projects can be simply deled in their folders "C:\Users\yourname\Mbed Programs".

You can create Empty program or Blinky from examples and then copy paste program from main from the online compiler. Other libraries from the Github or the Mbed web can be simply imported via Libraries window in the bottom right via "+" button.

Best regards, Jan

3 months, 2 weeks ago.

Hi Michael,

Mbed Studio seems also very fussy about whether you have a target connected (IME via serial port).

It seems to not want to do anything until it's seen & recognised the target.

HTH, Chris.

Chris, when you need only write a code or a clean build for example, you not need to have board connected and can be easily selected in dropdown menu. Detection of the board also works without problems. I tried that with few different ST boards and all boards were detected immediately. Only after you first set or later change a target the studio need few moments for redefine settings of the project.

But Michal has a problem with the Mbed library. When you check the picture what he placed, you will see a file with a name Mbed.bld. That is old MbedOS2 library which is not supported by the MbedStudio and that is a reason why he can not set project as active, because valid MbedOS library is not present. It is same as project without any Mbed library.

BR, Jan

posted by Jan Kamidra 07 Nov 2019