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Hardware advice please

Hi, I have a current product that I am trying to move to ARM mbed. I have the following requirements and am having trouble finding hardware that works. I am asking for some suggestions. I need 1 I2C port 2 UART 1 SPI would like at least 2meg flash ( want to be able to implement a bootloader for remote software updates)

I have tried the following and every time I try I get a serial config conflict so I assume there isnt enough to support my needs and the basic needs to load and debug.

PSOC6 - cy8proto-062-BLE


Nucleo -L476RG


Please help as I am at a loss. Even some advise on how to fix the serial conflicts would be fine.

Best Regards, Rob Berry

Depending on the cost-equation you might look at doing something like using a smaller micro and keeping the updated (incoming) code on an external serial flash. Packaging will certainly be smaller if pin-count is an issue. Otherwise download the ST Micro chooser application from their website and filter all devices with 2MB flash...

posted by Bill Bellis 16 Sep 2019
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There should be solutions. The Nucleo L476RG has the peripherals you need, but has 1 MB Flash. The board page gives you info on the pins. For example:

D15 PB_8 I2C1_SCL

D14 PB_9 I2C1_SDA

D2 PA_10 Serial1_RX

D8 PA_9 Serial1_TX

PC_4 Serial3_RX

D6 PB_10 Serial3_TX





You need to check the other boards in a similar way to find a solution. There may be issues with some boards. For example, the nucleos with Arduino pinout use Serial2 D0/D1 for communication with the Host PC. In case you really need 2MB you will have to go for something like the Nucleo-F429ZI