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RPC_HTTP example problems

I'm trying to use the RPC_HTTP code by Sarah Marsh as mentioned here: https://os.mbed.com/cookbook/Interfacing-Using-RPC

and get the -230 if I compile straight after import (online compiler).

It comes with 5 libraries: 'EthernetInterface', 'HTTPServer', 'mbed-rpc', mbed-rtos' and 'mbed'. It appears to be an OS2 version of mbed.

Of the above libraries, 3 have new versions available: 'mbed-rpc', mbed-rtos' and 'mbed'

Update 'mbed' library and the -230 error goes away (however lots of "xxx is deprecated" warnings). Running the binary on my target (LPC4088 quickstart) I get an MbedOS fault & register dump on the serial terminal.

Update the 'mbed-rtos' library and the "deprecated..." warnings are replaced by "directive: toolchain.h has been replaced by mbed_toolchain.h, please update to mbed_toolchain.h...". Running the binary on the target gets as far as "Error -1 in setup" meaning the initial EthernetInterface.connect() call failed.

Update the 'mbed-rpc' library and the "directive..." warnings go away & I'm left with: Warning: L6314W: No section matches pattern *.o(SPIFI_MEM). in extras/mbed/TARGET_LPC4088/TOOLCHAIN_ARM_STD/LPC407X_8X.sct", Line: 28, Col: 10 Warning: Unknown action post-build - RPC_HTTP.LPC4088. Running the binary is the same as the mbed-rtos case.

Is there a working RPC over HTTP example that uses OS5? It seems to me that the EthernetInterface, mbed-rtos and mbed libraries should be superseded/included in mbed OS5. Any advice on how to get this working would be appreciated.

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