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UBLOX C030-R412M dev board GNSS module

Hi all, We have purchased the new C030-R412M dev board and, after initial difficulties since the board is detected as C030-C201, have succesfully compiled the example code "example-ublox-cellular-radio-access-tech" and we are using it in NB1 connectivity. The code as been compiled using mbed-cli and assigning the UBLOX_C030_R412M target, however this target is not always available for all the example codes made available by the ublox team.

At present we have problem about the GNSS module on board, we are not able to communicate with it. Do you have an example code that can be used with this board ?

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First of all apologies for problems you are facing. Please find response below.

1. For GNSS example, please clone https://os.mbed.com/teams/ublox/code/example-gnss/. Set mbed-os library version greater than 5.12.4 and required gnss library version. (While we update .lib shortly to right revision)

2. What example code do you want to run with C030-R412M that is not available ?

3. I recon that C030-U201 is due to you need to update the interface MCU FW. This won't be problem if you are running example programs but it will create problem when running mbedgt test cases, I will come back to you on it shortly.

I am having similar problems with the C030R412M board. Can you provide more info on updating the MCU FW?

posted by Steve Vick 25 Oct 2019

Hi Steve, If I recon your question correctly, you are facing problem with interface MCU(Debug unit) FW. As far as I know all boards on stock were recalled and were fixed. Let me check and come back to you but can you first tell me IMEI written on C030-R412M ?

Note : IMEI should be written on SARA-R412M or use https://os.mbed.com/teams/ublox/code/example-reading-imei-imsi/ to find it

posted by fahim alavi 28 Oct 2019