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Touching a box on the screen.

Hi, I cannot find a graphic package for this board ie: touchgfx from st. So I have drawn a box on the screen and am trying to get my code to only act on a touch in the box. Problem is with short circuit evaluation of the if statement, it doesn’t work using an if statement. Any suggestions. I don’t need allot, right now I need to have an”’config’ button on the screen. Would love graphs and gauges but don’t see a way other than writing them custom. Any help would be appreciated. Best Regard, Rob

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The STM32F469 Discovery kit (32F469IDISCOVERY) allows users to easily develop applications with the STM32F469 high-performance MCUs with ARM®Cortex®-M4 core and Chrom-ART Accelerator™.

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Hi Robert , I would post this same question over on the ST user forum as you will probably find out that it's really not supported from the mbed standpoint to incorporate the touch libraries. There are multiple steps involved to update the GUI framework and then import that back into the project. Here is a link to the other forum https://community.st.com/s/topic/0TO0X000000BSqSWAW/stm32-mcus


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Hi there,

in a past I tried this DEMO with this library it is not a graphic package but better then nothing.

Import libraryBUTTON_GROUP

Class library: Button class and ButtonGroup class for DISCO-F746NG. クラスライブラリ: DISCO-F746NG 用の,Button クラス,ButtonGroup クラス.

It is for F746 but if I remmember correctly it is easly possible replace all "F746" with "F469" inside the code of the library and in the main of the demo. In additional is nessery to change BSP and LCD librarie from F746 to F469 and it is done. It is only gray buttons with a text but for tests or inspiration or basics is suffice. The buttons probably can be redraw with a bitmap in RGB code.

Best regards J.