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mbed-os-example-wifi with Nucleo_L476RG

The Mbed example here:


Indicates Nucleo_L476RG with ESP8266 connected to pins D8 and D2 (I assume ESP8266 Baud rate is 115200)

I have tried this, setting SSID and Password in all the .json files but get ERROR: No WiFiInterface found.

I know my hardware is working as I have been using the same configuration on other programs.

Also I generally use my own ESP8266 driver at 460800 or 921600 Baud depending on my target board. Is it possible to set an override in one of the .json files like I do for STDIO Baud rate ?

Many thanks



I found this and it is now connecting:


    "config": {
        "wifi-ssid": {
            "help": "WiFi SSID",
            "value": "\"Molino\""
        "wifi-password": {
            "help": "WiFi Password",
            "value": "\"36693557\""
    "target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "platform.stdio-convert-newlines": true
        "NUCLEO_L476RG": {
            "target.network-default-interface-type" : "WIFI",
            "esp8266.tx"                        : "D8",
            "esp8266.rx"                        : "D2",
            "esp8266.provide-default"           : true,
            "drivers.uart-serial-rxbuf-size"    : 1024,
            "drivers.uart-serial-txbuf-size"    : 1024

But I still need to override the ESP8266 Baud Rate.

Here's the ESP8266 driver on GitHub


Currently line 36 is showing the default baud rate, 115200, is it possible to override this possibly in the .json file?

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You can try changing this line: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/blob/master/components/wifi/esp8266-driver/ESP8266/ESP8266.cpp#L36

Thanks, Lin, team Mbed

Accepted Answer

Hi Lin,

I'm using the online compiler so I can't do this atm, however Desmond has given a solution here:


That will give what I need on the next mbed update if this change is made.

All 100Mhz + platforms work stable at 921600 and is simple to change the baud rate using the serial pass through that is shown in the firmware upgrade page.

I will accept this answer here as I have the other question that is more relevant now.



posted by Paul Staron 23 Aug 2019