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Getting error 230

Hello, I imported 'hello world' from the MBED site; HD44780 and compatible Text LCD controllers (4bit, I2C or SPI I/F). When I compile it without any changes, I get an error 230. Other programs compile OK. What could be wrong?

Make sure your Mbed files are up to date. right-hand -click the file icon and select update.

posted by Paul Staron 12 Aug 2019

I did the update, but no change still error 230.

posted by Greg Arikian 12 Aug 2019

Hi Desmond, To answer your question, I open the compiler on line, import a program like 04LCD_Hello_world and compile, only to get error 230.

posted by Greg Arikian 16 Aug 2019

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11 months ago.

Hi Greg,

We deployed a new version of the site with an updated library, which was the cause of the issues you saw. It should be back to normal now according here.




Have a look at the Textlcd-enhanced for useful info on how to use Text LCD with Mbed.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 13 Aug 2019

No, still no change, is the something I could change to affect this problem? As of 22:00 EST still getting 230 error.

posted by Greg Arikian 13 Aug 2019

Hi Greg,

Could you provide the steps to reproduce the issue?

Thanks, Desmond

posted by Desmond Chen 15 Aug 2019