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mbed LPC1768 firmware update unsuccessful - likely host OS driver related.?.

Good day.

So I recently bought the 1768 mbed stamp and the ARM companion application board for the device. The host box is a Win10H x64 machine.

I had been using the online compiler and was able to interact with the device loading new .bin as desired, etc. All was right in the world.

I wanted to do play with the debugging features offered by the IF uC. Given there are no JTAG or SWD headers, I suspect that the use of the IF uC as the debug probe is the way to go.

Downloaded current Keil. It was having issues when I created a project and tried to tell it to use the CMSIS-DAP debug probe, which proved problematic. In an attempt to resolve the issues, I decided to try to update the mbed firmware on the IF uC (reportedly an LPC2148 per some aged threads). I download the firmware from this page: https://os.mbed.com/handbook/Firmware-LPC1768-LPC11U24 and followed the instructions thereon. The only file on the pre-update mounted drive in the host OS was the default mbed.htm link, and the firmware 141212 .if file I had just downloaded.

Pulled the plug and reinserted it. The device lit up, paused for a few seconds as expected, and then, presumably restarted after the firmware update process completed. After this, it failed to mount itself as a device in the host OS. It is now enumerating itself within device manager as 'MBED CMSIS-DAP' but has failed to load with any drivers, as depicted here: https://i.imgur.com/2fvf3kW.png

As such, I am requesting assistance as to what Win10 x64 drivers are needed to successfully enumerate a FW 141212 mbed 1768 target onto the host OS, such that the intended operation is reattained, please. TIA.


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