1 year, 11 months ago.

Warning: L9931W: Your license for feature compiler5 will expire in 30 days

Really? I'm compiling on line, through the mbed compiler and I'm getting this message. Is this a temporary outage of the server's compiler? Is this something I need to fix on my end of things?

Cant safely "ignore" because compiler throws a hard error.

posted by Emery Premeaux 12 Jun 2019

Rishish, the problem went away about 3 hours after it started when I altered my code to remove some bad coding behavior, at least it went away for me.

My problem started when I added

static const char *pst_firstMessage = "Apply test voltage to PA_4"; static const char *pst_secondMessage = "Apply laser scan signal to PC_5";

That code inside of a header file started the warning for me. When I moved those two lines in to the proper .cpp file, the warning went away.

posted by Fredric Rice 12 Jun 2019

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1 year, 11 months ago.

You can safely ignore this warning.

We're due to renew this license in the next few days.

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Hello I have the same warning and I can't compile. I have an exam next monday :/

posted by Magali RAVEL 12 Jun 2019

Hello Fredrick, Did this issue got resolved. i am also getting the same issue.

posted by Rishish Kumar Naik 12 Jun 2019

Thank you, it was a curious behavior which went away after I modified my code.

What's curious is that the warning started when I attempted to define constant static data in a header file which is included in to more than one .cpp file. I normally don't define static const data in headers, that was a mistake. When compiling it, that warning was thrown When I moved the code out of the header and in to the proper .cpp, the warning went away. :) Amusing. But it let me get on with the company's project evaluation projects.


posted by Fredric Rice 12 Jun 2019

It looks like some errors (possibly only linker errors) cause the license warning, that wouldn't normally halt a compilation, to be reported as an error and cause the actual error not to be shown. The only way I've been able to replicate is by not having a main(). The license is being updated right now, so the issue will go away though.

posted by Stephen Paulger 12 Jun 2019