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Issue with MBED compiller: MBED_RAM_START warning


I’m developing a code for DISCO_F746NG board, natively supported by MBED.

Recently I start to get these two messages:

“Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro “MBED_RAM_START” in “tmp/WkrRIl”, Line: 38, Col: 10” and “Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro “MBED_RAM_SIZE” in “tmp/WkrRIl”, Line: 39, Col: 10”

They appears even if I start a new blank project from the template source (like “Blink LED example” or “Touchscreen demo”). In the same time I feel that the programm works weird: some buttons are not works, PID regulation works bad, and the program changes its state for no reason. I feel that all this appears several days ago. And my code (all my code is in main.cpp file) is exactly the same as previously (didn't check other files - I did not change them anyway).

If I compiling the code for previously used DISCO_F429ZI board - there is no warnings.

Any ideas?

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1 year, 10 months ago.

Try switching Mbed-os back to 5.10 in the revisions section. I'm using that for the same board and it does work apart from a lot of depreciated stuff that is still working, not depreciated.

Accepted Answer

Could you point me how to roll back to 5.10 in Revision? This is my Revisions screen shot: https://i.stack.imgur.com/JYWZB.png

posted by Roman Matveev 20 Apr 2019

Click on the Mbed-os library icon in your 'program workspace' then you'll see the list under revisions. find 5.10, it should be highlighted in purple. the one you want is dated 17 Nov 2018. I did try later versions but started getting more and more issues. But 5.10 seems to work okay, I'm using Ethernetinterface with a one wire DS1820 library with no issues, haven't tried any LCD code, might do later.

posted by Paul Staron 20 Apr 2019

Thank you Paul! This looks good. At least there are no warnings :)))

posted by Roman Matveev 20 Apr 2019

If you do a 'compile-all' you will see around 50 warnings but that shouldn't be a problem. Always do a compile-all if you think you have code problems particularly if you make changes in other libraries of you project, sometimes these changes won't come into effect until you do and you may think you have a problem in your main code and spend hours looking for it, been there!

posted by Paul Staron 20 Apr 2019