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The driver of mbed Serial Port can't be installed successfully

The error appears at step3 step1 Run mbedWinSerial_16466.exe -> succefully step2 Bootloader setup -> succefully step3 Power down and power up the device, it will try to install the mbed serial driver. But the result is that it can't find the driver and the driver is installed unsuccessfully

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The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

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Hi Xin,

Did you update the interface firmware to the latest?

Here is an article about upgrading interface firmware of FRDM-K64F,


Please let me know if you have any questions!


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Yeah, afterI drag-and-drop the firmware file onto the mounted drive, uninstall and reinstall the mbed serial driver, it still fail. All the other drivers are installed successfully except mbed serial driver, so I can't use the serial port of the board.

The setupapi.dev. log:

ndv: Searching Windows Update for drivers... 16:18:31.435 ndv: Acquired WU search serialization mutex. 16:18:31.436 ndv: About to release WU search serialization mutex. 16:20:59.725 ndv: No driver found on Windows Update. 16:20:59.725 ndv: Searching Driver Store and Device Path... dvi: {Build Driver List} 16:20:59.726 dvi: Searching for hardware ID(s): dvi: usb\vid_0d28&pid_0204&mi_01 dvi: Searching for compatible ID(s): dvi: usb\class_02&subclass_02&prot_01 dvi: usb\class_02&subclass_02 dvi: usb\class_02 cpy: Policy is set to make all digital signatures equal. dvi: Enumerating INFs from path list 'C:\windows\inf' inf: Searched 0 potential matches in published INF directory inf: Searched 35 INFs in directory: 'C:\windows\inf' dvi: {Build Driver List - exit(0x00000000)} 16:21:00.285 ndv: Selecting best match from Driver Store (including Device Path)... dvi: {DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV} 16:21:00.286 dvi: No class installer for 'mbed Serial Port' dvi: Default installer: Enter 16:21:00.288 dvi: {Select Best Driver} ! dvi: Selecting driver failed(0xe0000228) dvi: {Select Best Driver - exit(0xe0000228)} ! dvi: Default installer: failed! ! dvi: Error 0xe0000228: There are no compatible drivers for this device. dvi: {DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV - exit(0xe0000228)} 16:21:00.290 ndv: {Core Device Install} 16:21:00.291 ! ndv: Installing NULL driver! dvi: Set selected driver complete. dvi: {DIF_ALLOW_INSTALL} 16:21:00.293 dvi: No class installer for 'mbed Serial Port' dvi: Default installer: Enter 16:21:00.294 dvi: Default installer: Exit dvi: {DIF_ALLOW_INSTALL - exit(0xe000020e)} 16:21:00.295 dvi: {DIF_INSTALLDEVICE} 16:21:00.295 dvi: No class installer for 'mbed Serial Port' dvi: Default installer: Enter 16:21:00.297 ! dvi: Installing NULL driver! dvi: Writing common driver property settings. dvi: {Restarting Devices} 16:21:00.400 dvi: Restart: USB\VID_0D28&PID_0204&MI_01\0240000047784E45003A9004D7450001DDB1000097969900 dvi: Restart complete. dvi: {Restarting Devices exit} 16:21:00.423 dvi: Default installer: Exit dvi: {DIF_INSTALLDEVICE - exit(0x00000000)} 16:21:00.424 ndv: Device install status=0xe0000203 ndv: Performing device install final cleanup... ! ndv: Queueing up error report since device installation failed... ndv: {Core Device Install - exit(0xe0000203)} 16:21:00.426 ump: Server install process exited with code 0xe0000203 16:21:00.511 <<< Section end 2019/04/22 16:21:00.515 <<< [Exit status: FAILURE(0xe0000203)]

posted by xin xin 22 Apr 2019

What's your host OS? Is it Windows 10 or macOS or Linux?

And check if this article helps,


posted by Desmond Chen 22 Apr 2019

I uninstall all the drivers related to the board and then reinstall, the mbed serial driver is OK now. Thank you!

posted by xin xin 23 Apr 2019