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When will the online compiler version 5 be deprecated?

Now that the dust has settled over the recent change from version 5 to version 6 of the Keil compiler I see that my projects, which don't use OS5, have reverted back to being compiled in version 5.06. It will take me some time to prepare my programs to be compatible with version 6. Is there a timescale for when version 5 will be deprecated? Is there a means of selecting which compiler to use so that I can a working version and a test version?

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4 years, 6 months ago.

Hi Andrew,

The way the Online Compiler works is that it selects a version of Arm Compiler based on the version of Mbed OS you have in your program (ranging from Arm Compiler 4 to 6). This is how we maintain backwards compatibility for old programs, and only programs using Mbed OS 5.12+ will select Arm Compiler 6 for the build.

We don't have plans to deprecate older compiler versions at the moment.

You can select the compiler that is utilised by changing versions of the OS. You can't specifically target versions of the compiler.

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