4 years, 6 months ago.

How to move online compiler project to MbedStudio?

What is the best way to export an online compiler project for use on Mbed Studio?

I just installed the Mac version of MbedStudio and then went into the online compiler and looked at the export options. There are many options but none say "MbedStudio".

Then I looked at importing from MbedStudio and found where you would enter a URL. It is not clear were the URL should point so I tried using a URL that works in the online compiler some files transferred over but then when building I get an error the "mbed.h" cannot be found. Obviously after not finding mbed.h nothing else worked.

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4 years, 6 months ago.

Hi Chris, keep in mind the MbedStudio is still beta.

If you have only a code in main.cpp. Then create "blinky example" in the MbedStudio and copy paste main.cpp. Else. In the Mbed oline compiler select export, in the "export toolcahin" combobox select the last one "ZIP archive" and download. In the MbedStudio create a new empty program. Immediately after creation close the MbedStudio. Open the folder where the "Empty program" was create. Copy and replace the main.cpp and all non-Mbed .lib files and non-Mbed folders. Open the MbedStudio and try to select a target.

That working for me but I work with Win10. Maybe it will help.

Have a nice day J.