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Project with mbed LPC1768 (college)

Hi guys,

I am new with mbed and LPC1768.

I have to do a project with the LPC 1768 using one of the following sensors.

Is there any special hardware that I have to get extra? Or is there something already around the forum where I could take some ideas off?

Thanks very much!

Temperature Sensor AnalogIn Grove moisture sensor Light Dependent Resistors AnalogIn OPT101p Light level detector AnalogIn Wide Angle PIR DigitalIn Connection Carbon Monoxide Sensor AnalogIn connection (Come with headers soldered on ) UltraSonic Range finder UART, AnalogIn or PWM interface Ambient Light sensor SPI connection

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It depends a lot on what you want to do. It's your homework, you should do it not us.

Anything with an analog input is fairly simple and there are lots of examples around of how to read them. Things with digital interfaces will be less sensitive to noise and poor electronics/wiring (up until the point where they stop working) but may require a little more software work depending on the availability of drivers.

Special hardware: The sensor. Some means to connect the sensor to the LPC1768

Questions along the lines of "Will it work if I do this? Any simple ways to improve it?" or "I've done this and it's not working, can you help me work out why?" will generally get more helpful answers than giving a vague question and a shopping list of sensors. Ask for help when you get stuck rather than before you start.

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