10 years, 10 months ago.

USB Serial I/O now unstable after F/W upgrade


Today, I upgraded both the mbed F/W to 141212 and mbed.lib (61 to 62). Now, USB Serial communications misses half of the printf() characters at 921600 baud. It works at half speed, 460800 baud.

I switched mbed.lib back to build 61, but the problem still exists.


Update 20-Jun-13:

On the FRDM-K25Z, the mbed bootloader f/w installed has the same 460800 limitation on the USB serial port. Using the FreeScale bootloader, the K25Z USB serial can run at 921600.

BTW: You can download mbed compiled files using the Freescale bootloader and execute them without using the "mbed_if_v2.0_frdm_kl25Z" f/w upgrade. However, you have to install mbed_if_v2.0_frdm_kl25Z f/w at least once to register the -K25Z with mbed.org. You can then go back to the Freescale bootloader.


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