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how do i get the file system to work on a psoc 6?

I really need to get the file system on the psoc 6. I have tried allot of the samples on the repository with no luck. Can someone please give me some guidance? I belive the psoc is using QSPI S25FL512SA memory I did try some sqpi code but it failed at the sp.init(); line every time. I dont need allot, just system parameters. Thanks, Rob Berry

Robert, I'm having similar poor support issues with Maxim, no one is taking any notice.

This is not what is supposed to be happening here on Mbed, vendors absolutely must support their products or remove them otherwise no one can use them.

Could I suggest that you contact them directly on their corporate website, you may have more success.

I've just been on their website, good luck :(

posted by Paul Staron 08 Mar 2019

Thanks, I am in a position of deciding what to do with our update. though mbed with ARM would be the answer but maybe I should take being ignored as a sign and go back to the Snapbragon Dragonboard. We are launching nationally and am looking at 1000's of devices. wanted to make the setup a bit easier than the Linux package. The fact no one is supporting this product may be a sign.

posted by Robert Berry 08 Mar 2019

There's a lot of good platforms on Mbed it's a pity that a few are trying to ride on the back of this. I find ST and NXP have made a big effort to make things work here.

posted by Paul Staron 08 Mar 2019

I have ordered another board to see if its just because the psoc 6 is a new target. will see....

posted by Robert Berry 08 Mar 2019

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Hi Robert,

Supported PSoC 6 boards are listed here: https://os.mbed.com/platforms/?tvend=73.

You can use https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os-example-filesystem as a reference. I tested it on CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT and I can confirm it works with the latest Mbed OS.

You will need to update the mbed-os directory with the latest code. cd mbed-os-example-filesystem remove mbed-os directory change the entry in mbed-os.lib to https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os mbed deploy

The test should pass.

Thanks, Lin, team Mbed

Accepted Answer

Thank you for the advise. it works! I cant wait till Monday to work it into my program. I would of never done the whole delete directory and edit the .lib file, as I didn't realize it was a text file. Thank you!

posted by Robert Berry 09 Mar 2019

Hi again, I am trying to use the KV_Store as the KM_Store corrupts the data and I have not gotten a response on how to resolve this. Now when I try to use the KV_Store I get an out of memory error. how do I deal with this on the psoc 6? * UPDATE I just deleted the directory and edited the lib file above again and it seems to of fixed the kv_store issue. I thought I had already done it to that directory ... * Update.: the sample works. But when I try to do it my own code, I get out of memory errors on the kv_get’s and code 263 I think on the sets. . Best Regards, Rob Berry

posted by Robert Berry 25 Mar 2019