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Mbed Studio and Mbed OS 2


I'm just wondering whether support for Mbed OS 2 is scheduled to be added into Mbed Studio? I'd love to start using Mbed Studio but a number of current projects use OS 2 instead of 5. Is this likely to happen in the near future?

Cheers, Adam

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11 months, 4 weeks ago.

Hi Adam,

Mbed Studio is designed to work only with Mbed OS5 (and future versions of the Mbed). We're sorry to tell you that support for OS2 is not planned.


Ralph, Team Mbed

Accepted Answer

So at some point in the future, it seems like this means it will not be possible to use the newer mbed tools without an RTOS (i.e., bare metal)?

posted by jim hamblen 01 Mar 2019

Hey Jim, that’s not the case, of fact we’re making some good progress getting a mbed 5 build tested and released that doesn’t use the rtos. More on that soon and send me a private message if you’d like some more details and even test some things out!

posted by Sam Grove 02 Mar 2019

@Ralph & @Sam I must admit, I haven't tried MBED Studio yet, but why wouldn't it work w. os2 or MBED-dev? It it the project generator? os2 and dev are AFAI understand both subsets of os5. I'm just curious today I'm using CrossWorks with my own project file generator piggybacking on Makefiles generated by mbed cli. It sucks, but it works

Cheers Tim

posted by Tim Børresen 02 Mar 2019