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Cannot import Mbed-dev source

Cannot import Mbed-dev library source even to empty project. It stops to Importing Library, progress bar is in the middle. Process usually ends uncompleted with something like internal error or gateway timeout. Been already a couple of days. No luck. I am using Firefox. Board is ST Nucleo-F767ZI. What can be done?

I've had this for some time.

It takes for ever to import, probably because its such a great big bunch of files.

I have found that when, after a while it comes up with a 're-try' option, select this and wait again, eventually it will come back with a copy already exists or something like that. click cancel and log off the compiler, log back on and it's there.

You will get the same issue if you, say for instance, make changes to your Mbed_dev files and want to copy these to another program.

Takes time but does work.

posted by Paul Staron 28 Feb 2019

How is this still a problem?!?!?!

posted by Andrew Wakestrap 04 Dec 2019

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3 years, 7 months ago.

This issue has been around a long time and it's unfortunate that it has not been addressed by the mbed team. The pushback has been to use the CLI (yuck!). Here's a link to one of *many* reports of this https://os.mbed.com/questions/81104/Error-adding-mbed-dev-as-library-to-proj/

You can go to github and pull down the source. Then you can painfully upload into your online project in pieces. Wish I had a way to fix this as I would prefer to just have it like it used to be where it would just upload..sigh,...

Accepted Answer

Thanks Bill! I'll try to do another way as suggested. Anyway for me it is not clear why so essential official library is so hard to fix to get imported.

posted by Ivo Kamalis 28 Feb 2019