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Ethernet communication


I have two boards FRDM-K64F and Arduino UNO (along with Ethernet shield) and i am trying to perform direct Ethernet communication between these two two board. Is it possible to perform this experiment...??

if yes then how to proceed.

Thanks in advance

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If possible put a hub/switch between them. That way you can 1) check that you get connection lights on both ports and 2) connect a PC running wireshark into the network and monitor the packets being sent. If you don't use a hub you may need to use a crossover cable rather than a standard ethernet cable.

Start with static IP addresses. Any numbers should be fine as long as they are on the same subnet. Also fix the IP address of any PC monitoring to be in the same subnet.

I'd start by running a TCP server on one of the boards and a TCP client on the other, sample code for both should be available. Get the client to connect to the server and then send a short packet back and forth, maybe set one to simply loop back everything it receives. If things don't work you should be able to find PC applications to act as the client and server allowing you to test each part of the system independently.

Accepted Answer

can you provide me a link for the codes on arduino and frdmk64, i am too facing the similar kind of issue, and i think your solution can help me out.

posted by vivek ranjan 28 Feb 2019