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Current of brush motors

Hi, Could I somehow measure the current on attached motors by ADC of STM32 of nuclea board?

What the purpose of ADC-4 and ADC-6?


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Disconnect one connection to the motor and connect a multi-meter set on Amps range between the board and the disconnected motor wire. When you program the motor to run you can read the current on your multi-meter.

You could also measure the current on the Vin connection, but deduct the the 'standby' (when the motor is not turning) current.

ADC-4 and ADC-6 would be current sensing connections back to your MCU, however the sense resistors fitted (R1, R2) are in effect a dead short (0 ohm's), you would have to replace these with very low value resistors. Then you could measure the voltage across the resistor to calculate the current on your MCU.

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