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Low free flash storage in my LPC1768

When i have deleted all files except MBED.HTM and System volume information i only have 709kB free.

Isn´t that way too little? Is my LPC1768 broken?

I just started experimenting with a 5"TFT display and i can barely fit a picture on the MBED before running out of storage. Win say my LPC1678 has total 2M flash storage and only 709kB free. The files on it are like 3kB but it says 1,27MB used of total 1,96MB.

I have another LPC1678 somewhere, i must find it and compare. I seem to remember i could store bigger files on it before but maybe i remember wrong. How much storage is normal to have on a LPC1678?


So i found my other MBED LPC1768. This one has been in a box several years. It also have 2MB total flash but way more free space. 1,79MB free, 172kB used.

However, somthing is fishy with it. It say it has several files named USBC followed by scrambled characters. These files are super big, one is 4096000kB and the others big also. Clearly this is not correct. Also when i delete some old program files, if i rebbot MBED they are still there. The flash seem bad.

Can i format this flash without damaging the MBED? Maybe its worth a try...

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2 years, 1 month ago.

Hello Mattias,

I'd recommend first to update the firmware on both boards. If that doesn't help then try to format the MBED disk with Windows.

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I will try that.

posted by Mattias Hedlund 18 Feb 2019

The new firmware didnt work but the format seem to have worked. Now i have storage space on both LPC1768 and all corrupt files gone.


posted by Mattias Hedlund 18 Feb 2019

I've found formatting works to. If you had run chkdsk (assuming windows), it probably would have found some file fragments. The local file system isn't real robust, and with the occasional crash or sporadic reset, you can easily image some "damage" to the local file system.

posted by David Smart 20 Feb 2019