2 years ago.

My TFTM050A2-3 has Ground at pin 13

According to the manual my new TFTM050A2-3 has ground at pin13. Is this something new on these displays or is it not needed to connect this ground connection? Everything else seem to be same as the connection example picture for the display with capacitive touch. When i measure it, there is connection between pin 13 and other ground pins.

Is there a reason they have several ground and power pins? The pins i measured is connected internally in the display.

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2 years ago.

In most cases manufactures will use spare pins for Ground and/or Vcc rather than NC. Generally it is good practice to connect to all of the power lines back at the controller board to reduce the overall resistance of the power lines that carry a lot more current than a data lines do. It can help stability particularly during the initial start up inrush current.

However for bread-boarding/testing just connect one line of each (Ground and Vcc) if they are common on the display. That should be enough. I've got this display and works fine with one connection for Ground and one for Vcc.

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