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No instance of constructor


i tried to build the example you give, but there was this issue :

Error: No instance of constructor "AMS_ENS210::AMS_ENS210" matches the argument list in "AMS_CCS811_gas_sensor/AMS_CCS811.cpp", Line: 60, Col: 48

an idea to resolve it ? thanks

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1 year, 4 months ago.

I just did a 'clean' import of the Sensor demo into my online compiler workspace, and was able to compile successfully. Sure, there were 50 warnings, but no errors.

Have you made any changes to the sample code after importing? Could you try importing again under a different name? And finally, did you check that the compile target is set to Thunderboard Sense 2? (button in the upper-right corner of the online IDE, under the IDE version number, should say 'Thunderboard Sense 2').

EDIT: I've been able to replicate the behaviour listed here, by importing with the 'update all libraries to latest' box checked. The last revision of the ENS210 sub-library is incompatible with the CCS811 library. Please refrain from updating sub-libraries like that, and put back the ENS210-library to the next-to-last commit. Updating mbed-os to latest also appears to be problematic, which is something I will investigate (read: I'll update the example to deal with deprecated APIs and such)

Accepted Answer

ok, i compiled successfully with 50 warnings effectively. Thanks

posted by regis p 10 Feb 2019

Hi I managed to compile and flash to the Thunderboard Sense 2, but after initializing the hall sensor and geting the ID, I get this in the console:

Spi module not available.. Out of bound access.

Any solution to this?

posted by Jonah See 19 Feb 2019
1 year, 4 months ago.

Checked on OS2 and it does compile the Sensor Demo, but OS5 will not compile and 170 warnings. I suggest deleting the 'mbed-os' library and importing 'mbed'.

Maybe the question should be, will this board be supported in OS5 in the future ?