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Time Problem ---> gmtime() Function

i try to use the function "gmtime()" from the Time lib. But i think it dosent work with the mbed Platform.

have enyone any Idea how can i convert the "Time_t" value to the Hour/minut/second !?


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4 months, 2 weeks ago.

Something I use, not very special but works for me. You need to declare the variables somewhere in your code (e.g. RTCsecond etc.). Converts to string and integer values.

RTC snip

void readRTC()
    time_t seconds = time(NULL);
    strftime(timebuf,50,"%H:%M:%S", localtime(&seconds));
    strftime(datebuf,50,"%a %d %b %Y", localtime(&seconds));
    char buf[80];
    strftime(buf, 2,"%S", localtime(&seconds));
    RTCsecond = atoi(buf);
    strftime(buf, 2,"%M", localtime(&seconds));
    RTCminute = atoi(buf);                       
    strftime(buf, 2,"%H", localtime(&seconds));
    RTChour = atoi(buf);
    strftime(buf, 2,"%d", localtime(&seconds));                                
    RTCdayofmonth = atoi(buf);
    strftime(buf, 2,"%w", localtime(&seconds));                
    RTCdayofweek = atoi(buf);
    strftime(buf, 2,"%m", localtime(&seconds));
    RTCmonth = atoi(buf);
    strftime(buf, 2,"%y", localtime(&seconds));
    RTCyear = atoi(buf);

thats perfect Solution wath i need it :-) thank you very much

posted by I am.. your Father 02 Feb 2019

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