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K64F Windows 10 Serial Problems

Hi, I'm having problems with the USB serial connection on one 64 bit Windows 10 PC when connected to a K64F board. I've just got a simple app that toggles an LED and displays a count on the USB Serial before sleeping for 0.1s. I can see the count in Putty, the main LED flashing and the SDA led flashing. However after about 20s the count stops on Putty and the SDA led stops blinking although the main LED continues to flash. On another 64 bit Windows 10 PC it all works fine. On both machines the USB port and the Portable device appear in Device Manager without problems before and after the serial communications halts.

I've tried it with the mbed serial driver (24/8/2009) and the windows 10.0.1734.1 (21/6/2006) and both behave the same way, i.e. the serial comms stops after about 20s.

On disconnecting and reconnecting the board, the same thing happens it stops after about 20s.

I have the following apps on the PC. Dropbox Google Backup and sync Onedrive WD Discovery

However even if I terminate these applications before I connect the board it still stops after 20s.

Has anyone any suggestions as to what can be wrong or how I can got about debugging the problem? It's just on this one Windows 10 pc.

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