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Images with more than 8 colors

I looked at an article for the JDI display on mbed. It says the following on images:

(Since MIP is expressed by 8 gradations, in the case of images expressed with more gradations than 8 gradations, it is preferable to perform area gradation display by digital filter (error diffusion processing etc.) processing.)

Where does that image processing take place - in the system MCU?

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There are two ways.

(1) The image after error diffusion processing is read out and displayed.

make BMP after Error diffusion processing. → Read BMP (Error diffused) → MIP-Format (8 colors) → MIP Display.

(2) Read out the image, error diffusing it with the CPU, and display it.

Read BMP (more than 8 colors) → Error diffusion processing → MIP-Format (8 colors) → MIP Display

A lot of error diffusion algorithms are published on the Web.

Reference: https: gist.github.com/ruby89/593673f1d0ea03d6f705d7b9f04d0206