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MBED OS 5.11 Support for Cordio to NRF52 Devices and building custom application on this platform?

According to Cordio support was added to NRF52 targets and I am assuming it includes NRF52840?

Also I am not sure what does this exactly mean, Does it mean with Cordio, I would no longer need to include the NRF52840 soft device to program my custom application?

Are there any examples which uses the BLE 5 features for this target and with Cordio?

With Cordio, What bootloader's can be used to flash either over a COM Port or what if we need FOTA mechanism to flash the firmware?

Thanks, Ajay

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The nRF52840 Development Kit is a single-board development kit for Bluetooth low energy, ANT, 802.15.4, and 2.4 GHz proprietary applications using the nRF52840 SoC.
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Hi Ajay,

You can refer to the README for configuring your application using Cordio Stack/LL, which means you don't need Nordic SoftDevice for BLE feature.

Examples of BLE5 are in progress and will be provided in future Mbed OS release.

Regarding bootloader, I don't have the answer currently, will give you feedback later.

Thanks Desmond for taking the time to respond. I am hoping we can get some BLE 5 samples soon and the bootloader is key for production scenarios, where the only way to upgrade the firmware is via OTA firmware updates.

Thanks, Ajay

posted by Ajay Kashyap 10 Jan 2019

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