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Watchdog wdt;

Ticker flipper; use MCU timer to generate WD reset public function

wdt.kick(5.0); WD timeout set to 5 seconds - after which reset MCU

flipper.attach(&wdt_reset, 4.0); kick the WD every 4 seconds



above is the code in my program which is designed to kick the WDT automatically from Ticker.

However, when I try to compile it, I get

Error: Identifier "wdt_reset" is undefined in "M1707_Controller/main.cpp", Line: 889, Col: 21

I've called WDT.h, so thats not the problem.

Any ideas where I might be going wrong?

Thank you

Problem is solved now. I had disabled the interrupt routine void wdt_reset(void)

posted by Andrew R 19 Dec 2018
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