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How can variables be observed when debugging?

Hi, I'm running the ST Nucleo F401RE with the example Nucleo_blink_LED project. I've compiled offline with an ELF file and set up debugging successfully. I can see the registers and trace through the code, but I'm not able to view variables.

I've tried: -GDB with openOCD and pyOCD -Windows and macOS -Running the debugger via the Eclipse IDE, and also via command line

In all cases, the variables don't appear. Any ideas?

Try this one. Official realtime variable viewer with graphs and tables by STM... ;)

posted by Kamil M 09 Dec 2018
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As you stop at different places in your code the Autos window will automatically populate with all the variables used in the current statement (the line where the yellow instruction pointer is) and some surrounding statements. The scope of what variables automatically populate from the surrounding statements depends on the language you are debugging. Typically, you will see variables that are referenced 3 lines behind and 1 line ahead of the current state. Some languages like JavaScript are not supported by the Autos window.

Thanks for your suggestion, but what is an 'Autos window'? (I don't see an 'Autos Window' in Eciplise).

posted by Simon Bennett 30 Nov 2018
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