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What' the pin should connect if I use UART1?

i defined two pins in the LPC1768 as the following code shows: LPC_PINCON->PINSEL0|=(1<<30); define P0.15 as TXD1. LPC_PINCON->PINSEL1|=(1<<0); define P0.16 as RXD1. I know in Lpc1768 FBD 100 this two pins is 62 and 63. however in the Mbed Lpc 1768 which has 40 pins, which two pins should I connect? P15 and P16? The picture of Mbed Lpc 1768 is showing? /media/uploads/frankfang/lpc1768_pinout.png

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p13 and p14.

The board schematic is here: https://os.mbed.com/media/uploads/chris/mbed-005.1.pdf

On page 3 on the right hand side you can see that P0.15 connected to a signal called DIP13 which on page 5 then connects to pin 13 on the board outline.

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