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Suggestion : Online Compiler code folding, display split and update/comit/publish from external IDE

The online compiler is convenient and all, however there is two major flaw in my opinion which make it hard to use when working on projects with multiple long files :

-There is no code folding

Modern display format doesnt offer much space on the vertical axis, in the online compiler quite a lot of vertical space is wasted due to browser toolbars etc and compiler layout (bottom windows for compile, find notification etc), in the end, the useful space for actual code, is, in my case, 42 lines on a 23.6 inch display. That is quite small and when we work on files > 500 lines (:most of time) it is quite a pain to continuously scroll all along. Especially on Mac with a magic mouse since scrolling is too fast and thus hard to control correctly (note : the scolling on native croll-bars such as here in the forum does not exhibit this speed problem, it is only in the online compiler scroll-bars). Code folding would at least make this much less painful, if an option was added to control scrolling speed that would be even better.

Another point which has room for improvement is the git/mercurial system that come along with the online compiler projects.

-There is no way to link an online compiler project to an external IDE for update/comit/publish

We really would like to be able to comit/update/publish etc an online compiler project from external IDE. I know this is apparently possible by hosting the project on github, but we cannot all use github, so why not allow this directly from the online compiler project? Currently It is not even possible to work on an online compler project in an external IDE (after exporting it) and then upload it back, if i export a project for SW4STM32, work on the local copy and try to upload it again, it fails. So basically the only way would be to copy all the modified files by hand and one by one afterwards, this is not a realistic option if many changes have been made on the local version (: all the time).

Finally the dsplay split support for the code editor.

-There is apparently no way to split the code editor so we can have tabs on right and/or on left

Again, current displays provide space in the horizontal axis, tabs are a good point but there is no way to split the display and have two tabs side by side as in any IDE. The immediate consequence is that there is always a large blank area of unused space on right of the code editor. This is frustrating given the very limited useful space available vertically and the fact that 99.9% of the time code is formatted with respect to the grey separation line anyway. So display splitting support would be much appreciated, we could then use all the available space and work much more easily with the online compiler.

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Hi Hoel,

Thank you for making your recommendations on improving the Online Compiler! We have forwarded them to our Development Team and they appreciate the feedback. We welcome other community members to add their own comments to this thread if they have additional recommendations.

Thanks again for taking the time to make this post.


Ralph, Team Mbed

Accepted Answer

Pleas, add code explorer (code outline) in Online Compiler.

posted by Nik Fedorov 27 Oct 2018