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Does any chanse to get SDIO driver for STM32L152?

Queston for working with evaluation board STM32NucleL152

Does any chanse to get on STM32CubeMX ->Pinout -> Configuration -> Peihperals SDIO drever for control File System on MicroSD card?

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10 months, 1 week ago.

The SD card you are using should probably use SPI communication. You can use any SPI channels defined in the pinout. In addition to the pinout descriptions here: you can see the actual peripheral definitions on the gitub repo.

That link is included on the first link. All the good stuff is in the PinNames.h file. Hopefully that helps. In PinNames.h the default spi configuration is: SPI_MOSI = PA_7, SPI_MISO = PA_6, SPI_SCK = PA_5, SPI_CS = PB_6,

This will allow you to talk to the SD card. Have you found a good SD card library yet? I've used this one:

Thanks... SD card has mode: four bit data in/out For example for STM32F4 MCU STM32CubeMX can assign pin like that:

SD_CMD - PD2 SD_CLK - PC12 SD_D3 - PC11 SD_D2 - PC10 SD_D1 - PC9 SD_D0 - PC8

Because this STM32F MCU has SDIO in configuration. Not clear haw do that for STM32L152.

posted by ILIYA Levitan 10 Nov 2018

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