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Programmatically Reading the Board Firmware

Is there a way to read a Nucleo Firmware number from the board programmatically? I wold like to read the Firmware revision that is currently installed on the board and display it to the user at power-up.

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5 years, 6 months ago.

Hello Jim,

I am sorry to say, probably not. There are two possible firmwares that you might want versions of. The first is the one that is written onto the Nucleo's main MCU. That firmware is your own. You will need to keep a version (or compile date) and display it to your user.

I suspect that is not the version that you are after. The second version is the ST-Link version firmware running on the debug interface. I don't think this is readable from the main MCU.

Sorry to not have a better answer, - Earl, team Mbed