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Hi, I am new to mbed and coding, I want to send ADC data over Bluetooth for nrf52832. But in the documentation of OS 5, I am having problems to understand as examples are given for prebuild services. If anywhere I can find a line to line explanation of the code and how to make services it will of great help. Or just where I can understand things so I can write a working code.

Also, I can see there is BLE class reference in the documentation but for a starter like me, it is making me more confused. I have tested BLE blink, have written a code for serial communication and printing ADC values.

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Hello Ayush,

I would suggest looking at the mbed BLE page for some useful links to get started with bluetooth.

Most programs will have generated API documentation that explains the general code and functions which should be useful to view when parsing through examples. For example, the BLE_API library and BLE class reference.

Hope this helps to get you get started.

-Karen, team Mbed

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