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MBED LPC1768 Evaluation Board Operating Temperature

I want to learn operation temperature of MBED lpc1768 board. I will use it in my project and it need to provide environmental condition. I read datasheet of lpc1768 but I need condition of board. Could you help me about that? There is work about that issue ( humidity, operation temperature ext. ) or could you advise another evalution board that include arm that provide environmental tests conditions?

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Hello Ilteris,

Linked is a similar questions that may include what you are looking for:


Here are some docs that may help you as well:



Hope this helps!

-Karen, team Mbed

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Thank you Karen. I have read that thread before but I cannot understand some points. There is no overall evaluation for temperature of mbed board. Bu could you tell me that there is a official test result for temperature range of automotive degree design by you or another companies ?

posted by Ilteris Yıldırım 06 Jul 2018