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Operating temperature range of LPC1768

May I know what is the operating temperature range of LPC1768?

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Rapid Prototyping for general microcontroller applications, Ethernet, USB and 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3 based designs
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Hi there,

The minimum operating temperature of the LPC1768 is -40°C and the maximum operating temperature is +85°C.

I found this information here: https://www.mouser.com/NXP-Semiconductors/Semiconductors/Embedded-Processors-Controllers/Microcontrollers-MCU/ARM-Microcontrollers-MCU/_/N-6hpef?keyword=LPC1768&P=1z0jm4m

- Jenny, team Mbed

If you are asking for LPC1768 microcontroller itself, answer is above explanation but Mbed LPC1768 module is different.
For example, I can see ASE-12-D-C-T & ASE-50-D-C-T, Xtal OSC on the schematics.
Those are -10°C to +60°C operating temperature.
We cannot judge the operating temperature via each components specification but this is design concept issue.
We need to get the answer from NXP.
The flyer says "Rapid prototyping board".
I can imagine the operating range is more smaller range.

posted by Kenji Arai 23 Mar 2018
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You can find part specifications for LPC MCUs (and Kinetis) at nxp.com ... look under the Product menu. Here's ashortcut: https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-based-processors-and-mcus:ARM-ARCHITECTURE

The Mbed LPC1768 was actually designed by Arm :)

The operating range for the board should be assumed to be 0 to 70 degrees. It is intended for development purposes rather than deployment in end applications.

Thanks, I think you are right, it is for 0 to 70C but we are gonna do some high temperature test by using this board, may go up to 80C.


posted by Nian You Tan 26 Mar 2018