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nRF52_DK: BLE UART examples does not build in online compiler

BLE_LoopbackUART and BLE_UARTConsole does not build when nRF52_DK is selected as Target platform.. I get Error: Target "NRF52_DK" is not recognized. Those examples build fine for nRF51.. but I need the nRF52 Target.. I have updated the libraries to the latest version..

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Bluetooth Low Energy (a.k.a Bluetooth LE, BTLE, Bluetooth Smart)

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Hi, Could you please look at https://os.mbed.com/questions/80822/Demo-examples-NRF52_DK-not-working/#answer14779? This seems related.

Please let us know if that helps.

Thanks, Naveen, Team mbed


Could you please check if right clicking and choosing 'update' on each of these project artifacts help? By doing that I am able to build it for NRF52-DK. Earlier, I saw NRF52-DK not recongnized message. Please see attachments



Accepted Answer

Nope, there is not solution provided in that thread.. the examples seems to be tied to nRF51 and does not build in Online Compiler.

Alternative examples [1] from github does build in offline compiler, but does not contain BLE UART demo :-(

[1] https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os-example-ble

posted by Tomasz CEDRO 21 Jun 2018

I had to update all subtree items as suggested and it worked! I thought I only have to click update on the project root and all dependencies will be updated as well, but I was wrong. Now it knows the nRF52_DK. Thank you Naveen! :-)

posted by Tomasz CEDRO 23 Jun 2018