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Compilers: Adding new targets

When submitting a pull request for a new target, we need to submit the reports for images built by GCC, ARMCC, and IAR - does this mean we need to purchase IAR and ARMCC in order to add targets?

Also, does ARMCC 6 work ok with mbed? (or any advice on version compatibility)


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Note that if you port a new ST board (Nucleo or Discovery), you can only test with the GCC_ARM compiler (free). We (ST team) will re-test your code on all compilers including ARM and IAR. So, it will not be necessary for you to buy them.


Accepted Answer

Thanks for this clarification!

posted by Jenny Plunkett 22 Jun 2018

Thanks! We have 2 new platforms but they are custom boards, one has the F205 and one L475

I already have IAR but looks like we'll need to purchase ARMCC just to submit the target :(

posted by Curt Black 29 Jun 2018
2 years, 1 month ago.

Hi Curt, The new targets need to be built and verified with all 3 compilers before submitting pull requests.

Please reach out if you need any more clarifications.

Thanks, Naveen, Team mbed

Curt, Please look through the requirement https://www.mbed.com/en/about-mbed/mbed-enabled/mbed-enabled-program-requirements/

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Naveen, Team mbed

posted by Naveen Kaje 20 Jun 2018