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Programmer Required?

Hello There, I recently purchased this board from Digikey, and a programmer was not included (such as the MAX32625 PICO). Does this device require a seperate programmer in order to function? When I plug it in on its own, a USB device named "BOOTLOADER" does show up, but all of my file transfers time out. Regards, Brett

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MAX32620FTHR Rapid Development Platform

Just a quick notice for anyone else looking to go down this road:

In order to use this board in the typical "mbed" fashion, you will need purchase a separate programmer ( the MAX32625PICO was designed for the task).

The programmer does NOT ship board itself.

You could maybe use a normal JTAG programmer with OpenOCD + ARM GDB but the only public openocd configuration does not seem to support the bootloader.

posted by Brett Smith 26 May 2018

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You can use the bootloader if you replace the mbed library with this forked version: https://github.com/gsmaxim/mbed-os

This has the linker scripts modified to work with the bootloader. Please note that this forked version of the library will not work with the MAX32620FTHR without the bootloader, so only use this if you want to use the MAX32620FTHR with the bootloader.

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Thank you for the help!

Is there any documentation on how to build/use the forked version, or use the linker script?

I have used the mbed-cli before but have never have used the mbed-os git repository to compile/program locally. I assume its not possible to use to the mbed online compiler with the maxim version?

posted by Brett Smith 26 May 2018

Even just pointing me to the scripts name and sub-directory would be a huge help.

posted by Brett Smith 26 May 2018

The regular mbed CLI import function can import directly from github. Use this command: mbed import https://github.com/gsmaxim/mbed-os

posted by Greg Steiert 26 May 2018

Sorry, I think you need to use the add command for libraries: mbed add https://github.com/gsmaxim/mbed-os There is documentation in the mbed CLI readme on github: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-cli

posted by Greg Steiert 26 May 2018

Here is an example program with the library included: https://os.mbed.com/users/gsteiert/code/MAX32620FTHR_Pmic_Boot/

posted by Greg Steiert 26 May 2018

Thank you! So far so good. Now that I have successfully compiled a program, what script should I actually use to upload it?

posted by Brett Smith 26 May 2018

Wow that worked a treat! Just had to copy the bin to BOOTLOADER drive once compiled with the forked version!

posted by Brett Smith 26 May 2018

Yes, all working. Import Library... - From URL...- https://github.com/gsmaxim/mbed-os and you can use MAX32620FTHR with the bootloader.

posted by ALEXANDER SEMENOV 28 Jun 2018
5 years, 10 months ago.

That device you have looks interesting. I don't have one but read in the link below


Seems it should have shipped with one of these


Thank you for your response!

Ok, thats what I noticed as well. Interestingly I ordered two off of digikey and neither of them shipped with the programmer.

I tried using my st-link-v2 to program it over openocd, but apparently the stlink doesn't have the right jtag protocol.

Now I am trying to wire up a raspberry pi and use that as a programmer.

posted by Brett Smith 26 May 2018
5 years, 10 months ago.

The Arduino BSP provided by Maxim supports the bootloader without a programming adapter and most of the early MAX32620FTHR boards did not include a programming adapter. Unfortunately mbed does not have the linker scripts set up to work with the bootloader. The MAX32625PICO board is an inexpensive programming adapter that can load the mbed .bin files onto the MAX32620FTHR.