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High frequency, time critical operation best-practice/pattern?

Maybe I am missing something, but was wondering about the "right" way to run, say, a spi transaction at 10 thousands times per second rate.

By not using RTOS, I lose scheduler usefulness.

By using a microseconds driven Ticker, I can't use SPI class at all, since mutex locking is not allowed in ISR context.

By using an EventQueue, I can't schedule anything with an interval shorter than a millisecond.

Any other options?


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Hello Lorenzo,

I would try to use a Ticker to flag that a transaction has been requested. For example as below:

#include "mbed.h"

#define INTERVAL    50
#define COUNT       100

Ticker          ticker;
Timer           timer;
volatile bool   transactionRequested;
volatile int    counter = 0;
uint8_t         delay[COUNT];

void onTick()
    transactionRequested = true;

int main()
    counter = 0;
    ticker.attach_us(callback(onTick), INTERVAL);

    while (counter < COUNT)
        if (transactionRequested)
            delay[counter++] = timer.read_us();
            transactionRequested = false;
            // ...
            // ...
            // ...

    for (int i = 0; i < COUNT; i++)
        printf("delay[%d] = %dus\r\n", i, delay[i]);

The shortest achievable interval could be figured out by applying the try and fail method. Delays longer than the set interval indicate that the requested call interval was not met.

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