6 years ago.

Embedded (in-module) SSL/TLS support for C030-U201 IoT Starter Kit?

AFAIK, the SARA-U201 module (certain hardware revisions) provide an embedded SSL/TLS stack.

Is that enabled via this library? It looks like mbedTLS is included, and I suppose it would have to be for the non-TLS U201's, but is there existing or planned support for the embedded option, possible to enable targetting smaller micros?

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The u-blox C030-U201 2G/3G mbed-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) Starter Kit is a versatile development platform that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for low-power Internet of Things …

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6 years ago.

Please refer to SARA-U2 datasheet table 1 , all variants support embedded SSL/TLS.

Currently, utilization of embedded SSL/TLS is not present in the AT Cellular Interface driver . It is on our road map but first we need to accommodate the re-architecturing that has just been performed by ARM so likely we would get to this within a few months.