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Will Mbed Studio be open source?

I notice many references to the open source components that Mbed Studio will be using, but no mention of Mbed Studio itself being open source. It's difficult to answer sensibly the many questions like "Why not Keil?" and similar ones without knowing whether Mbed Studio will be open source, since it is one of the most important factors to consider. If it won't then it has the same disadvantages as proprietary tools, and becoming dependent on it will be unwise.

The many offshoots from the open source Arduino project, like the very popular Energia IDE for simple TI LaunchPad-based embedded development, gain strong traction from their open source status. The use of Eclipse for more advanced embedded work is similarly very popular, although its complexity does invite packaging up Eclipse in the way that Mbed Studio is doing. However, any advantages from being based on the open source Eclipse would vanish if Mbed Studio is itself closed source, so we need to know its license status.

A clear statement about licensing would be a useful accompaniment to the next Mbed Studio announcement.


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Hi Morgaine,

I apologize for the late reply. Currently, Mbed Studio will not be open source.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

- Jenny, team Mbed

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Hi Jenny, is there any update on the timeline for Mbed Studio? I have played now with VSCode and it looks like programming extensions for ths IDE seems much more easier. There is already an exporter for this, but it needs modifications in the settings. Debugging works also and the communication with the debug probe is more transparent than in the Eclipse plugins.

Johannes, the public beta is out now https://os.mbed.com/blog/entry/Mbed-Studio-Public-Beta/

posted by Stephen Paulger 27 Feb 2019