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Desktop OS and platforms

Hi guys and girls! I also have a question regarding targeting desktop OS.

We (Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark) use the mbed platform for our classes for microcontroller systems and to some extend IoT projects. We have students who use Windows and some use Mac (a few may show up using Linux).

So - my questions are

1) Which desktop OS are you targeting (Windows only?) 2) Which mbed platforms will you support (we are still using the LPC1760 platforms - for one reason, because we have a large pile of these ;o)

I'm excited to hear more about this project - I have unfortunately experienced a couple of time, that the university's network had a breakdown while teaching - not the best circumstances when you can't access the compiler and teaching materials! (the online compiler was however the first thing, that I fell in love with back in the days, when we started using the mbed platform!)

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Eclipse supports all those platforms so I guess mbed development will be available on Windows, Linux, MacOS

I would assume the same - but you never know ;o)

posted by Ulrich Bjerre 02 Mar 2018
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Hi Ulrich,

Great to hear you're using Mbed for your microcontroller systems classes. Please let us know if there's anything we can help with in this area, or if you have particular ideas or requirements in mind when it comes to tools for students.

The plan is to target Windows, Mac and Linux. Currently, our Windows and Mac support is further ahead than Linux.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe! Thank you for your answer.

Well...actually we are still using the OOOOOLD OS 2 mbed version....(hmmm......looking sceptical?) During the years we have built a large library/minor programs for our sensors and actuators. So, we are still relying on the old mbed os version. I would assume, that this will be "deprecated" in your upcoming Mbed Studio?

What are your expected time for an alpha version? Do you have any idea as to when a beta and even finished build may be ready? I do know, that this can be very difficult - but, are we talking 6mos, 1 year - 2 years?...

Thanks, Ulrich

posted by Ulrich Bjerre 02 Mar 2018