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Why is mbed not supported in the Atollic development tools

I am developing software on a Nucleo-F767ZI (STM32F7) board using mbed OS. I am using an offline laptop computer so have downloaded the mbed CLI compiler tools.

Why doesn't your Atollic development platform support mbed development and debug, with or without the CLI compiler?

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I support this question. It completely represents my thoughts.

posted by Kamil M 03 Mar 2018

Let's try that again. There is a work around. Atollic supports IAR import. MBED supports IAR export.

Export your MBED project as an IAR project and import it into Atollic.

posted by Greg Blair 08 Mar 2018

Have you tried this approach?

posted by Hal Levitt 08 Mar 2018

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Recently, the export options have been expanded. It would be nice if Atollic TrueStudio could be added.

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We accept community-contributed exporters as they are part of Mbed OS itself, so if there is appetite to see other IDEs supported, then perhaps consider contributing?


Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe, thanks for the link. I will try to get an mbed project compiled first with Atollic TrueStudio. Then I will see if I can create a python script to make it working.

posted by Jack Berkhout 19 Jul 2018
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Hello all.

Please let me join the discussion.

I also want to export to Atollic TrureStudio for STM32.

Could you let me know current situation ?

Can we export ?