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Using MAX32625PICO for programming other mbed development boards


I am trying to use MAX32625PICO as a programming adaptor for other mbed development boards. It works well with other Maxim Integrated's mbed development boards, such as MAX32620, MAX32625, and MAX32630.

However, it doesn't work with other boards, such as K64F and nRF52 DK. I cannot upload a new .bin file by drag-and-drop. Note that those two target boards have standard 10-pin ARM Cortex debug headers, so I can just connect MAX32625PICO and K64F (or nRF52 DK) simply using the connector that comes with MAX32620PICO.

Information so far: 1. All the necessary connections are made, including VCC, SWD_RST, SWD_DIO, and SWD_CLK. 2. MAX32625PICO supports any voltage range from 1.8V to 3.3V. 3. MAX32625PICO actually has RX and TX, instead of TDI and TDO, but it should be a problem.

Any idea?

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MAX32625PICO Programmable Interface Controller

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The drag-n-drop interface was designed to be simple. The target micro-controller is hard coded so that you do not have to send any configuration details.

In addition to the drag-n-drop interface, there is a full CMSIS-DAP debugger that is significantly more flexible, but you need additional software to utilize it. You should be able to program all of these devices using this interface with a tool like openocd or pyOCD. Many toolchains like IAR and Keil also support CMSIS-DAP debuggers.

You can find more information on setting up a local debug toolchain here.

Yes, the drag-n-drop interface is supposed to be simple, but it (MAX32625PICO) is not working with other microcontrollers manufactured by other companies. How can I fix this? May I ask if MAX32625PICO was tested with other microcontrollers before its release?

I am aware of other options, but we have some critical reasons to stick with MAX32625PICO for programming and debugging all the microcontrollers available in the mbed ecosystem. Any advices would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

posted by Jiwon Yune 04 Feb 2018
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Old question but......

You need one of these if you want to flash any or all ARM targets.


Maxim and other manufactures will only provide firmware to flash their own MCU's not any one else's.

Almost all boards have a SWD port where you can flash the same type of external MCU on your own design of board. Much cheaper than a Segger !

There is this that looks interesting, drop them a line, perhaps it will support all targets like the Segger?