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Servo Motor

I am using a HS_785HB winch servo motor. It is a continuous rotation servo. The servo rotates i both the directions when no load is attached. But when I attach the rack and pinion load over it, it rotates only in one direction. What is the issue and how could I solve this? If possible can you please provide the code with it?

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3 years, 5 months ago.

If it rotates without load but doesn't with one then it's almost certainly either an electrical or a mechanical issue rather than software.

What voltage are you supplying the servo?

What is the load and how does it compare to the servos maximum torque rating?

The servo is rated at 4.8V - 6V. The supply voltage is 5.5V. The load is the rack and the pinion. Whenever the rack is attached to the servo, it rotates in other direction. The max torque is 13 kg cm.

posted by Rishabh Gupta 27 Jan 2018